There are other influences on what we do online apart from our gender. In very recent times, it has been discovered that quite a number of our behaviors are largely affected by the type of personalities we possess.

Some of those behaviors include our responses to adverts, our chances of getting persuaded and the way we relate to social media.

You probably know that some personality test can be more relied on than others – if you have had one.

For those bent on getting anything meaningful out of a test, a test should be judged by this factors.

  • It must be consistent over time,
  • It should also not hold back details on the sample categories.
  • In addition to these, it must have been proven to be trustworthy, in-depth, autonomous and cogent.

Although these factors should be used to judge a test so as to know if it can be relied on, most tests popularly used do not meet any of these criteria.

#1 The Major Five Temperament Attributes

There are five main categories of personality traits. Under this are about 35 sub-traits. The idea of five personality traits has come to be one of the most used personality tests by psychologists.

The five basic categories of personality traits include;

  • Emotional stability
  • Extraversion
  • Agreeability
  • Openness
  • Conscientiousness

Although these five categories have dominated for a long time, a new category has been added recently. It is the honesty-humility category.

The idea of the five personality traits is very important in psychology because, with them, an individual’s behavioral, cognitive and emotional patterns can be predicted. In addition to this, quality of relationships, career choices and psychological health can also be known.

When you understand the values and behaviors of your clients or customers, it can come in very handy in business.

#2 Computerized Personality Prediction

In the age we live in, computer programs can be used to do virtually anything. Giving an almost accurate report of an individual’s personality is not left out of the ability of computer programs.  More often than not, computer program reports are more vivid than what people close to you can tell. These computer predictions make use of digital footprints.

As a result of a customer’s need of a personalized involvement, businesses now make use of behavior-based profiling to come up with the more trustworthy trait-based content.

#3 Different Temperaments, Different Actions

It is amazing to know that a lot of attitudes portrayed by individuals online are the results of their personalities.

Personality type is also responsible for a lot of people’s mode of communication.

Therefore, being able to comprehend the attitude of your customer to a very large extent can help you adjust your information to better suit their personalities. If you can pull this off, then gaining and keeping your customers will become much easier.


The effect of personality predictions on internet marketing cannot be overemphasized. With an accurate knowledge of how personalities affect people’s actions and choices, you can better satisfy your customers.