Initial Problem

Boo Boo World is a smart & sustainable brand that sells baby clothes. Before working with me, Boo Boo World did not have any Facebook Advertising efforts in place and they needed help launching their first Facebook advertising campaign. 


My Solution

My Solution consisted of:

  • Employing Custom Audiences
  • Creating Advanced Matching Remarketing and Lookalike Audiences
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Custom Creative Design and Implementation
  • Horizontal and Vertical Fast Scaling Methods
  • Product Testing


Amazing Result

In a relatively short period of time, conversions consistently tripled month-to-month while constantly scaling the budget.

$259,587.89 in advertising budget produced a revenue of $2,041,166.71. The ROAS was around 8X and Cost Per Website Purchase was around $12.39.

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Revenue Increase


Customer Lifetime Value [6 months]


People Reached

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