Initial Problem

Knockout Fitness offers gym facilities and kickboxing and fitness classes -- but its efforts at social media were not packing a punch. The Knockout Fitness team was already running Facebook ad campaigns, but the effort wasn’t resulting in the quality leads they wanted. The team was struggling with targeting the right audience, and as a result, the audience that was receiving their message was unresponsive.


To make their ad campaigns successful -- as well as boosting their website traffic, they needed a power player in their corner.

My Solution

We started by taking the time to fully understand Knockout Fitness’ target audience. Based on that, we created custom content and a content strategy that would help to drive traffic to their website and increase the activity on their Facebook page.


With that information in place, I created a Facebook “Like” campaign that was highly targeted toward the brand’s audience. I also began a giveaway promotion aimed at generating quality telephone leads on a daily basis.

Amazing Result

The Facebook campaign I implemented for Knockout Fitness was indeed a knockout; it performed 96 percent better than any other Facebook ad in the fitness niche. Today, the company’s Facebook page has a steady growth of nearly 250 targeted likes per week -- or a whopping 1000 new likes per month. Meanwhile, the custom content and content strategy also helped to generate leads and increased website traffic to Knockout Fitness’ website by 521 percent.


The giveaway promotion also hit its target, with leads being generated for as low as $1.60 to $2.40. To put that in perspective, the industry standard in the fitness niche is around $22 per lead! Now, 520 leads are coming in each month, with about 23 percent converting.


By spending $1000 on their Facebook campaign, Knockout Fitness got around 110 new memberships -- earning $5500 in new membership fees alone. Add in the customer lifetime fees of $500 and the growth from this campaign was exponential.


New Targeted Followers




Increase in Traffic


New Memberships (2 Months)