Initial Problem

StarTime Studios is a Sydney-based performing arts school for young people, with a mission of inspiring children to pursue their dreams. Company leaders wanted to get more parents signing up for their activities, but they didn’t know the best way to go about it.

They had tried to launch a number of Facebook ads that would help them get more people signing up for their activities, but they were losing a lot of money on the effort.

Perhaps the biggest problem was that StarTime’s staff simply didn’t have the knowledge to actively manage the ad campaigns, and that resulted in lost revenues.

Our Solution

Our efforts began with developing an overall social media strategy for StarTime Studios. The plan included engaging in conversations with parents in relevant groups and communities to help launch more conversations about the brand.

We also ran a number of conversion-based ads on Facebook, which sought to reach a very specific target audience. Combined with a local SEO campaign for commercial intent keywords, within a very short amount of time StarTime was seeing stellar results.

Amazing Result

Within just a two-week period, our efforts got StarTime 63 new holiday workshop signups just through the Facebook ads alone. That was nearly triple the number of signups StarTime would usually get through paid media and ads.

The SEO campaign was successful as well, with 86 percent of their local website traffic coming from the very competitive local keywords we used. With that effort, we got StarTime on the front page of Google search rankings in a record-breaking period of time.

Needless to say, StarTime was a very happy customer and continues to work with us to this day.


Happy Parents


Revenue Increase


Increase in Traffic


Facebook Advertising ROI

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