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Facebook Advertising/Influencer Marketing

In April 2015, one savvy entrepreneur had the courage to delve into unchartered territory and start her e-commerce business, Waist Trainer. With only $6,000 in savings and a vision in mind, she launched her first website through Shopify and quickly saw success with customers responding positively to her waist-training product.

Partnering with the owner of Peachly Digital, Mark Wolf, Waist Trainer was able to reach more than 90 countries around the world, including some of the most influential markets like the United States, Australia, the UK, and Germany. In those 18 months, they sold over 100,000 units of shape-wear! These results are nothing short of remarkable.

For any other entrepreneur looking to make their mark on the world of e-commerce, Waist Trainer is a clear example of what can be achieved if you have a great product, a brilliant strategy, and the will and determination to succeed. Their success story proves that no matter how small your budget or business might be, big dreams are within reach if you use the right tools. And if you pick the right growth partner agency :).

How did I help?

1/1 Facebook Advertising

Imagine you’re the owner of a small, but growing business selling shape-wear to the fashion industry. You have a great product and you’re making steady sales, but your dream is to reach a much larger market. How can you achieve this?

The answer is digital marketing and more specifically, Facebook advertising. After partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency, Peachly Digital, my client saw amazing results almost immediately. In just 18 months, they sold over 100,000 units of shape-wear in more than 90 countries! And the best part? They achieved these impressive results without spending an outrageous amount on their campaigns.

By strategically targeting the right audiences and forging meaningful relationships with potential customers, our client was able to reach an audience far larger than they ever thought possible. Through creative ad copy, compelling visuals, and ongoing optimization efforts, their campaigns drove consistent growth month after month.

With exposure to new markets and unprecedented growth, our client significantly increased their revenue while taking their business to the next level. The success of their groundbreaking campaign proved that digital marketing is a powerful tool for growth and has forever changed the way our client thinks about digital advertising.

1/2 Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most effective tools for building a brand and controlling your message. In 18 months, with the help of digital advertising and my client was able to use influencer marketing to sell over $6mil in profit. So how did they achieve this incredible success?

First, it all came back to selecting the perfect influencers. I chose those who had an audience that aligned with our own target demographic, while having an aspirational lifestyle that resonated with our product offering. I then utilized influencer engagement tactics such as giveaways, exclusive content, and exclusive discounts to drive sales. I also leveraged relationships with more traditional media outlets such as magazines and television shows to further elevate our story. This allowed me to tap into a larger audience and reach potential customers in new ways. I also used strategic partnerships with more established brands that mirrored our own aesthetic. The result? Sales numbers skyrocketed – up fourfold in the first six months of the campaign! This success has continued since, and we are consistently seeing positive results from influencer marketing campaigns. Our client’s products are quickly becoming a go-to resource for women who want to wear shape-wear confidently and stylishly.

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