The most successful marketing campaigns are the ones that tell a story. A story establishes a connection with the consumer and builds personality. Given the need to tell a story, it leaves us questioning if we can do that on social media; which likes to keep things short. Here’s how to tell a story with social media.

#1 Create Photo Albums On Facebook

They say that pictures say a thousand words, so imagine how many words an entire album will tell.

Creating your own photo album on Facebook is a great way to share stories with followers on the platform, especially if you have a lot of photos from a particular event. A quick tip for this is to not upload all the photos at once.

Facebook re-shares the album each time photos are added, opening/ up the potential to share it with more people.

The next time you host an event, get your attendees and colleagues to take as many photos as they can, and then have them send them along to you. Then you just need to create the Facebook photo album and use the best 20 or 30 photos.

#2 Curate User Generated Content on Instagram

Curating user generated content is not just a great way to increase your amount of Instagram followers, but it also builds a deeper connection between you and your community.

Curating user generated content is the process of sharing stories from among the community through your photos on Instagram. You could also consider creating a branded hashtag.

Start encouraging your Instagram followers to post photos with your branded hashtag, promising to share the best ones.

If you’re feeling particularly generous you can even offer a small prize to create an even bigger buzz.

#3 Attach Multiple Photos to a Tweet on Twitter

Research shows that tweets featuring photos are up to 300% more engaging. Putting multiple images on your tweet is much better than attaching just one image when it comes to telling a story.

Multiple images allow you to tell longer stories and go into more detail.

The next time you have an event, you should share four of the best photos in a single tweet to show people more of the event and give them a better impression of how it went.

You could also share four photos right now of your most recent event.

#4 Design a Relevant Geofilter on Snapchat

Just 5% of marketers created their own on-demand geofilters in 2016.

If you have a Snapchat audience, you need to consider using Snapchat geofilters.

To give you an example of how effective they are, Chris Hall was able to generate over 10.5 million views in seven hours with his filter, which cost him just $0.001 per thousand impressions.

These geofilters are a must for people with physical establishments such as hotels and cafes. They can give your customers the chance to share their experience with your business from directly within the business.

Find out more about creating a Snapchat geofitler here.

#5 Create a Channel on YouTube

Videos have surpassed articles, social media posts, and everything in between as the most consumed content.

Videos are also one of the best options when it comes to telling a story. Videos are able to truly capture the imagination and attention.

It’s time you created a YouTube channel and used it to share stories from your customers. Interview them and ask them to give you their thoughts. It can be just a few minutes long. What matters is that you have real people telling real stories about their experience with you.

There are an untold number of ways to use social media to tell stories. The only thing stopping you is your imagination!

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