Social media networks like Twitter have proven to be an excellent marketing tool for business of all types and sizes.

This is the reason why hiring a good social media manager is important. However, there are periods in the year when the sales go down and business owners are looking for answers and actions taken by social media managers.

If you are using Twitter to drive leads, then you should know that there is more than one good thing that you can do to optimize the effects of your social media presence.

#1 Analyze and optimize the sales funnel


Generally speaking, a sales funnel represents the visual representation of the client’s journey that starts with awareness and ends with the desired action.

A good sales funnel must match user’s expectations.

Even if the tweet has a working link and users click on it this doesn’t mean that you have a good funnel. If the link goes to a page where Twitter users can’t find a call to action and have to spend time searching for your products and services or if the call to action is complicated, visitors will give up.

Image by First10 & Smart Insights

A good sales funnel includes a link that goes to a specially designed landing page where people can sign up and get discounts and make an order right away.

Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers and make this journey as simple as possible.


#2 Useful Type Of Tweets


So, when the slow sales period kicks in, you also need to think about the type of tweets you are publishing.

According to some experts, there are certain types of tweets that are better than the others.

First of all, you can try the so-called coupon tweets.

As the name suggests, these tweets share links to coupons and special deals. Use percentages and hashtags to make them more visible.

Next, you can use social proof tweets or tweets that represent testimonials from your customers. In this way, you can boost your authority. Finally, you can offer prizes for Twitter users that are re-tweeting your posts.

People love this type of contests and you will definitely gain their attention and ultimately increase sales.

#3 Think about the time


In order to determine the right time of the day when you should post your tweets, you need to know your target audience well and you need to take the period of the year into consideration.

Sometimes it’s good to tweet during weekends, in other situations tweeting in the morning is better than tweeting at night.

#4 Twitter ads


Unlike all the methods we’ve mentioned before, this one requires real investment. The good news is that it is up to you to set the amount of money you want to spend on Twitter ads and to choose the audience.

Many experienced internet marketers have confirmed that Twitter ads promise a great return on investment which makes them ideal for a slow sales period.