I Only Get Paid For Results Unlike other consultants and marketers, I don’t require a retainer, the bill for strategy sessions and I don't charge a premium for creative assets. I only make money when you do. Period. I work ONLY with small to mid-sized businesses Small business owners have to wear many hats to get the job done. Every once in a while you need a helping hand. Having a small business myself, I know just how challenging it can be to keep up with everything. Small businesses and corporations have a very different set of standards and policies. Unlike big companies, small businesses tend to care more about their customers and followers, which is one of the reasons why I choose to work with them in the first place. Specialized knowledge and keeping up with the trends Hiring someone who says they know everything in the area of marketing is like going to a doctor who claims to be able to cure everything. If you want to have your ear, nose and throat checked you’ll probably be recommended to an ENT doctor, not a GP. It’s the same with social media advertising. You need to hire someone who knows how to make the best out of every penny you invest in the project. Through the combination of experience, expertise, and passion for social media advertising I am able to deliver you the results every time and on time. Goal-oriented consultation and advice on how to grow your business Once you start working with me, it’s no more a matter of ‘if’, but rather of ‘when’ you’ll achieve your goal. I'm committed to doing what’s best for my customers and I don’t stop until we’re there. Even when things are tough I don’t sugar coat it. If something is not working I'm open about it and we try to find another approach. Your success is what matters to me, not just the numbers. Everything is done in-house, no third-parties involved Unlike large companies, I never outsource my work. I don't even have a VA. I like to communicate with my clients directly. I love what I do and I take great pride in doing it. Numerous agencies nowadays outsource some of their social media work. They find it a lot cheaper plus this gives them extra time which they use to focus on getting new customers. While this may be a good thing for the agencies, it’s certainly not a good for the clients. Only the best worked with me Neil Patel, one of the best multi-million dollar online marketer in the World today hired me as an ONLY social media consultant in his Quick Sprout team and we helped over 100 businesses to improve their online marketing efforts. I also worked with other notable influencers in digital advertising industry such as Phil Laboon & Richard Lazazzera. Over $1.5 mil in advertising spent I worked on big and small accounts and I know how to deliver ROI for every kind of budget. Once you see the effects of running efficient advertising for your business, you will naturally increase your budget and grow. You can always check out my case studies to learn more! THIS IS WHY YOU WILL LOVE WORKING WITH ME:

Phil Laboon Eyeflow Internet Marketing I highly recommend Mark. He has helped us double to triple our ROI on Facebook Advertising. He is willing to work with you hand and hand to create amazing ads that help scale your business to the next level. Allison Mueller Big River Coaching The experience of working with Supermarco has far exceeded my expectations. He is extremely knowledgeable in his area of expertise and while he's happy to share his experience, he is collaborative in his approach and willing to work to get things just right for me and my client base. He has a high level of attention to detail and is quick to respond to requests. All in all, he is a pleasure to work with. I've been grateful to have him as a part of my team. Stuart Every Dolphin Creative Mark has been super! From a company severely lacking in the social media department, we now have a solid base which is already producing results. Always quick to reply, his professionalism is polished and the quality of work is very high. Brian Pitchford Accelerated Inc. Mark is a consist and reliable marketing partner. He has given my company an edge conducting market research, writing engaging copy and project managing marketing for my software and information products. Mark is great to work with and wants what is best for his client. He is proactive as well as ultra-responsive, usually answering emails within 1-2 hours! He demonstrates knowledge and confidence about brand development - providing clear strategic directed then transitions to tactical execution with ease. Marco has proven to be a valued subject matter expert in his field and I would recommend him without hesitation. Susannah Van Personal Trainer Mark gets 5 stars all around in my book! He has been a pleasure to work with and he's lightened my load in more ways than I could ever express. He has taken every task that I assigned and has been timely, professional, exceptional, and his quality of work has been beyond what I could have asked for. My only hesitation in someone else hiring him is that you might take him away from me! He truly is a God-send and can transform your business, because he helps you to work on your business and not in it! Larry Sawyer Knockout Fitness Social Media and the value of doing marketing using social media is something everyone realizes they need to do, but few understand why and what goals and tasks they should be setting to be successful. Working with Mark made this challenging process very easy. His expertise and experience is top notch. The results we saw working with him were better than our best case scenario. He was able to bring all the pieces together seamlessly and quickly. I've been working in web technologies for over a decade, and I haven't come across more than a handful of people that have the expertise in Social Media that Mark has. I look forward to the next project I can work with him on. He gets my highest recommendation! Robert Musallam Intero Real Estate I'm hesitant to write Mark a good review for fear that everyone would want to hire him away from me :). Simply put, he's EVERYTHING you would want in a consultant: He's honest, he's efficient, he's dependable, he's knowledgeable, he goes WAY above and beyond the scope of work, and most importantly, he really seems like an A+++ human being that wants your business to succeed. I HIGHLY recommend him. I can't say a single negative about my experience and I hope you make the right choice and hire Mark, you simply will not regret it. Feel free to reach out and I'll explain personally what type of service he provides. Franklyn Lubsey Jam Sonic Audio Ever since he's been on the team, the presence for my company on FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn has grown quickly. These aren't fake followers (I've been down that road before), these are legitimate prospects that are in my target market. It is such a joy to check in and watch my following grow consistently. It's an even better joy to see people sharing, retweeting, and commenting on what we put on Social Media. The process is not an overnight process for sure, but it is a quality process that brings results in a true, consistent, and authentic way. You are building your house out of bricks...not cards. I can't thank Supermarco enough. In regards to Supermarco himself. He's an expert at what he does. He's extremely quick to respond and he's great to work with. I originally approached social media with trepidation, but no more with Supermarco on the team. I highly recommend.